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STC-704 Four Zone Wireless Environmental Monitoring System in outdoor enclosure

The STC-704 Wireless Environmental Monitoring System provides off-site monitoring of four parameters, plus A.C. power loss, daily communication test, low battery and "restore to normal" conditions. Two web-controllable relays are included for interfacing to on-site equipment where a 5 amp dry contact can be used. LEDs display all power and input conditions.

The equipment is contained in a weatherproof ABS enclosure for outdoor or indoor mounting. There is a 3/4 and 1/2 inch conduit opening in the enclosure to permit wire entry. A 16VAC plug-in transformer to power the STC-704 and 7AH, 12 volt rechargeable battery are supplied for backup power, providing continuous operation during power failures up to 48 hours. An internal temperature compensated power supply keeps the standby battery at optimum charge with rapid, current limited and voltage float charging. A low battery disconnect circuit removes the battery from the system on an extended power outage to avoid deep discharging of the battery.

All inputs are buffered through selectable one minute or one second delay to "Alarm" and one minute or one second delay to "Normal". This eliminates the momentary signals generated by power fluctuations, rapid photocell operation and switchover transients. Each input can be selected for N.C. or N.O. input for  "Normal" condition. Compression terminals are provided for all wiring. Any size wire, up to 12ga, may be used for the power and monitored device connections.


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  • 4 zones plus power fail and low battery.
  • Wireless reporting no phone line needed.
  • Weatherproof Case
  • Monitors 4 inputs plus power failure
  • Daily Signal Check
  • 2 remote controllable relays

STC 704 (2G based) $995

STC 704G (4G based) $1095.00


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