STC 100 Isoface

This module is a 'solid-state relay' that replaces traditional 'add-on mechanical relays'. Specifically, it is used for interfacing with or monitoring various alarm functions, including loop switching. The 'optical isolation' circuitry provides very high isolation between input and output (5000 volts). The input voltage may be either AC or DC from 3-30 volts. The input current is a low 5 milliamps. The output is designed to switch the loop inputs of most alarm panels, with or without "end-of-line" resistors. Modules are available in 'break apart" sticks of 10, for easy installation in the field.


$85.00 per stick of 10

$10.00 per single isoface

minimum order is 2 isofaces

View or download the Isoface Application Notes pdf here. (right click on link and "save as" to download the file).

For questions or to place an order, please call 1-800-440-1234 or email