May 24, 2012
Stone Technologies secures dealership for Eco Innovations water hydro generators


Denise Ann Vergez

Denise Ann Vergez "Delta Victor"
January 21, 1965 – July 18, 201

Stone Technologies and Remote Monitoring Systems has lost one of its own: Denise Ann Vergez, also known as "Delta Victor," lost her eight-year battle with ovarian cancer.  She was 46 years young.

Denise created and maintained the websites for Stone Technologies and RMS as well as doing a host of other vital Company tasks.  She was a sailor at heart and became the keel of our organization. She kept everyone on course, solved problems, was vocal when necessary, and found the humor in the ups and downs of the daily business. She was a thinker and entrepreneur and she was instrumental in promoting the business.

Prior to working for RMS, she was the director of the Household Hazardous Waste project in Central Texas where her talents in geographic information systems and computer science merged with her love for the environment. Denise, Delta Victor, we bid you a fond farewell. We will think of you whenever we look up and see a tall tower with lights blinking.  Thank you for helping keep pilots safe day and night.

STC forms alliance with Building Turbines of Austin, Texas
STC forms alliance with Building Turbines of Austin, Texas to assist in the marketing and placement of their unique horizontal rooftop turbines for electrical generation. Stone Technologies is augmenting its offerings in the alternative energy sources and energy conservation area.

STC completes move to Colorado
Stone Technologies completes move of corporate offices and manufacturing to Salida, CO on July 11, 2011.
The new location combines the manufacturing, machine shop, engineering, and corporate offices in one facility.

FCC grants QLI waiver for Towerco and Insite
In October, 2010, the FCC granted waivers to TowerCo and Insite Towers for their onsite quarterly light inspections when using the RMS 700 series monitoring system. Every three months, tower lights must be inspected to verify that when they are failed intentionally, the monitoring company gets the tower signal. With this waiver, 3 of the 4 checks conducted over the course of a year may be done remotely, saving the company significant mobilization costs for onsite inspections. The cost savings is immense.

STC purchases all assets of Shippey Tower Services
On May 1, 2009 STC purchased for cash all clients, monitoring, and central station systems of Shippey Towers of Van Buren, AR. This adds to the recurring revenue base of the STC/RMS central monitoring station.

STC signs purchase agreement with Missing Link Communications
In April 2009, negotiations between MLC and STC were finalized  for the acquisition of  their client base, products, trademarks, and the  patents rights to the Touchtag product.  Among their clients are several major retail chains.

STC acquires Remote Monitoring Services
On Jan. 1, 2009 Stone Technologies purchased Remote Monitoring Services of Las Vegas for cash.   The purchase included a significant number of recurring revenue accounts in the environmental monitoring field, for which STC had been manufacturing the equipment and providing technical support for RMS clients.  This acquisition expands operations into the monitoring services related to power, water/wastewater, lighting, temperature, and other environmental supervision areas.

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