STC 4110 Dual Mode Battery Analyzer

The ultimate in battery analysis, this DUAL MODE BATTERY ANALYZER is ideal for those requiring unquestioned accuracy. Microprocessor controlled and host powered, the STC 4110 is designed to test and evaluate the standby charged condition and dynamic capabilities under load of any 6V or 12V, sealed, lead-acid battery. It will also give the remaining amp-hour capacity.


  • Amp hour range of 4 to 100 A.H.
  • Copper conductor & alligator clips
  • Thermo laser gun
  • Weather Proof Case
  • 48" HIGH-FLEX instrumentation cable
  • Automatically determines voltage of battery
  • Unit measures 8"L x 5"H x 11"W
  • Weighs 10 lb.

Price $1,995.00

STC 4110 Battery Analyzer, more information >
For the pre-load static test, the Analyzer automatically determines the voltage of the battery. The Amphour rating is entered to set the parameters prior to the load testing. A voltmeter function may be used to check the charging circuit.

For the dynamic load test, a microprocessor controlled load test sequence is operator initiated with the battery disconnected from the charging circuit. The load current is based on the entered AmpHour capacity. The battery condition is evaluated during the load test and is displayed on LED’s as: Good, marginal, bad

The 4110 will perform an additional test that determines the remaining capacity of the battery. This result can be compared to the minimum standby requirement to determine if the battery will meet the demands of an extended power failure. A math calculation routine is available in the 4110 to size batteries for various fire, UPS, and security systems.

Applications >
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Propulsion Batteries
  • Communication Batteries
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Integrated security systems
  • Communication systems
  • To verify State-of-Charge of new and
    stock batteries
  • To verify emergency system
    minimum operating times
  • To verify capability of operating
    backup systems
  • Optimized Performance via Battery
  • Propulsion systems
  • UPS uninterruptible power systems
  • Airborne applications
  • Wherever batteries are utilized
  • Allows technician to quickly
    determine condition of battery to
    produce its rated power
Specifications >

Input Voltage: 5-15VDC
Testing Range: 4-110AH (12V), 4-40AH (6V)
Load Current: 130mA (static test), up to 30 amps (dynamic test)
Dynamic Load Interval: 60 seconds
Input Connection: Military Spec-97 Series Connector Set
Operating Tempatures: 32 F-140 F
Dimensions: Length 8", Height 5", Width 11"
Weight: 10 lbs




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Replacement Parts

Carrying case


Non-contact thermometer


Test lead set


Quick reference card


Technical manual



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