Touchtag-STC 240
Arming Station for Caddx NX series alarm

The STC 240 is a direct substitution for the Caddx NX series keypads. It can be used stand alone or mixed with other standard keypads. By incorporating a patented technology that translates the Dallas Semiconductor Touchcoin serial number into a 4 digit keypad code, this unit is transparent to the Caddx control. It requires no programming other than entering the translated access code into the Caddx control just like any other keypad combination. The determination of whether or not the Touchtag is valid is made by the Caddx control.

The two piece unit is designed to mount on a standard single gang wall box and includes mounting screws and allen wrench to secure front housing. The key feature of the Toughtag reader is that it requires no special programming to read the touchcoins and that it works with the Caddx NX Series panels just as if it were a keypad. These items are part of the patent that was granted for the Touchtag.

  1. Transparent to Caddx NX Controls, looks like a keypad to the control
  2. Touchcoin access number is programmed in the Caddx panel as a 4 digit keypad combination
  3. Wires to keypad connections, needs only the same three wires
  4. No programming required for Touchtag
  5. Valid touchcoins can be added or deleted from Caddx download
  6. Using touchcoin prevents employees from sharing combos
  7. Works in mixed keypad/Touchtag arrangement so some stations have combinations and some have touchcoin access.
Protected by US Patent #6,629,245
Touchtag is a registered trademark of Missing Link Communications

Caddx, Touchcoin, are registered trademarks

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